1. Sorry for trying to be a good friend?

    Don’t expect me to jump when you actually want to talk to me…


  3. Katrina Tears.

    I remember being extremely hot in a stuffy house with no A/C in the dead heat of an August summer. I remember wishing I could see my dad, who had to stay at work through the duration of the storm. I remember thinking my house was most certainly obliterated to nothing more than the foundation upon which it was built. I remember a club soda—the nasty thing—and how it felt to drink it while it was warm. I remember a small antenna TV my mom used to get updates on the devastation. I remember pacing, and pacing, and pacing back and forth, wondering when we could go home, only to hear my mother gently remind me that moving around made me even hotter. I remember waiting in a hallway the size of a closet, surrounded by blankets of all types, while tornado warning after tornado warning was issued. I remember a sense of loneliness as I waited for school to start up again, as I never felt truly happy anywhere else. I remember the boxes—the big, brown, cardboard boxes—filled with jackets and socks and barbies and pencils and shampoo and MREs and all sorts of wonderful, albeit small and simple, items that seemed so scarce at the time. I remember the strangers from across the nation, reaching out to my small Mississippi town, offering food, essentials, and hope. I remember the coast—immediately before (bright, sunny, calm, inviting) and immediately after (dirty, devastated, broken, intimidating)—and how seeing the two opposites changed my view of the world. I remember Katrina.


  4. I’m such a sham.


  5. Tired of acting like everything is okay when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

  7. mechanicbird:




    I’ve said this before and I’ll point it out again - 

    Menstruation is caused by change in hormonal levels to stop the creation of a uterine lining and encourage the body to flush the lining out. The body does this by lowering estrogen levels and raising testosterone. 

    Or, to put it more plainly “That time of the month” is when female hormones most closely resemble male hormones. So if (cis) women aren’t suited to office at “That time of the month” then (cis) men are NEVER suited to office.

    If you are a dude and don’t dig the ladies around you at their time of the month, just think! That is you all of the time. 

    And, on a final note, post-menopausal (cis) women are the most hormonally stable of all human demographics. They have fewer hormonal fluctuations of anyone, meaning older women like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would theoretically be among the least likely candidates to make an irrational decision due to hormonal fluctuations, and if we were basing our leadership decisions on hormone levels, then only women over fifty should ever be allowed to hold office. 

    Reblogging hard for that last comment.


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  9. "First things first, I’m surrealist."

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